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Intellitec Water Case Study

Manufacturing Manager, Jo Cooper quoted - Groveley has provided us with invaluable expertise for our high tolerance machined parts. Service has been outstanding from quotation through to on-time delivery of our high quality parts.“

Groveley Precision assists Intellitect Water with the manufacture of systems & products

Intellitect Water produces award winning hydraulic & water quality monitoring equipment utilized across the globe, these multi parameter testing  systems are inserted into high pressure water distribution pipes, monitoring, Pressure, Flow, Turbidity, Free Chorine, Temperature, pH, ORP & Conductivity, the systems are also IP68 rated. These systems are able to give live updates providing real time analysis, thus ensuring visibility of drinking water quality.

Groveley first collaborated on the method of manufacture for the original Intellisonde DI system, aiding with manufacturing solutions for design features. More recently we have supported our valuable customer on various new projects including:

Intellisonde DB

Collaborating with the customers design engineers for fits and tolerances of multi modular part assemblies, including manufacturing solutions for close tolerance long shafts, bayonet style connections and thread mounted components.

Intellisonde SI

Aiding with shaft bore manufacture, sensor body thread detail and interference fits, along with pre- paint anti corrosion recommendations to aid powder-coat adhesion and protection.

Intellisonde PT

Producing high quality machined housing, utilising scan milling techniques to mitigate the need for expensive casting tooling costs, ultimately producing a superior component both aesthetically & for post machining treatments.

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