3D-printing face shield parts to meet NHS PPE demand


Groveley is urgently printing plastic parts for PPE face shields that are being donated to NHS staff to help keep them protected against Covid-19.

We’re not alone of course, firms large and small across the UK are turning their skills to building PPE and a community of 3D printer owners has sprung up to help.

The parts we make and supply (free of charge) are the frame for face shields. We ship them to CJL Leisure Vehicles for cleaning, assembling and distributing the PPE items to Bristol BRI and Weston General hospitals.

It is vital that all PPE is made from appropriate material otherwise the protection given by items could be compromised. So, our 3D printer has been relocated to a no/low traffic area to prevent contamination – and the operator follows a strict PPE and cleaning procedure when loading/unloading and packing the finished parts.

We’re determined to help beat shortages of personal protective equipment in order to keep frontline NHS staff safe in the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

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